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Yakobi Fisheries is a family-owned and operated fisheries business located in Pelican Alaska, owned by myself, Seth Stewart and my wife Anna. After growing up in Pelican and fishing for over 20 years, 8 of them on my own boat, I had the dream and goal of getting people the highest quality salmon at the lowest price possible. With help from a 4-year business degree, fishing experiences, and family & friends, I stopped being a fulltime fishermen and started Yakobi Fisheries. For the first few years, my wife and I fished on our own boat and processed and marketed our own hook-and-line-caught salmon in a small processing facility owned by a friend. Recently, we expanded our business and instead of going out on the boat to fish, we now buy from a select few local fishermen who share our standard of quality. We pay fishermen a premium price and in return, they provide us with a premium product. Some of my family helps in the processing facility, and a few of them catch fish and sell it to us.

In order to maintain an exceptional quality product and a transparent supply chain, we work closely with the fishermen we buy from in order to be sure they are producing the quality product that our customers expect from Yakobi Fisheries. We know exactly who caught your dinner!

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