Boats, Fishermen, and Family

It all starts with the people in boats. Independant fishermen catch the fish and sell them to Yakobi Fisheries. On their end, the fishermen ensure their harvest is handled in a way that ensures the highest quality standards. On its end, Yakobi processes and distrubutes the fish in a way that maintains this exceptional quality all the way to your plate.

Know your fishermen:

Tom Andrews

F/V Sundown 1

Learn about the skipper of the Sundown 1.

Jamison Mork

F/V Agile

Learn about the skipper of the Agile.

Derek Stewart

F/V Monique

Learn about the skipper of the Monique.

Steve D. Young

F/V Sea Derby

Learn about the skipper of the Sea Derby.


Fresh Salmon image

Find out about our salmon and why it's special.


Who we are, how we do it image

Know who we and our company are.


Who catches your fish image

Know about the people and boats who hand-catch the fish we eat.


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Fresh is Best

All Our Products are Sustainably Harvested, Wild, Hand-Caught, High in Omega-3s, and available for Fed-Ex Shipping to Your Door.