Ajax Eggleston: F/V Alitak

Ajax was born in Sunnyside, just outside of Pelican, and grew up there. Since birth he was pretty much put directly into the center of the fishing industry. Ajax and his brother both fish, so his parents are shooting 100% when it comes to their kids being fishermen! In the off season, Ajax travels to northern Southeast where his family lives in Haines. His other full time job of parenting his two growing boys with his wife, Keri (who fished with him for 3 years full time) keeps him pretty busy when he isn't longlining or trolling.

Their oldest, Ryker, has been out fishing with Ajax before and is addicted to King Salmon trolling, he just loves it out there. With Ryker, Ajax is part of a three-generation Southeast Alaska fishing family. They haven't quite got their youngest, Jamison, out fishing yet, but no doubt it won't be long until he's throwing hooks in the water trying it out for himself!

Ajax prefers selling to Yakobi Fisheries because Seth (owner) is his lifelong friend, along with the fact that he likes to stay loyal to Pelican. Having the Pelican processing facility operational again is pretty exciting stuff. He says it's nice to see it give a little extra spark to the little town. Ajax is a fisherman loyal to Alaska, he's only ever fished in this state. King salmon is Ajax's favorite fish and his favorite recipe for it is sesame encrusted blackened king salmon! Trolling is how Ajax fishes for King Salmon and to him it is by far the best way to catch the Kings. Ajax also thinks that trolling is fun. He said he tried to gillnet years ago thinking it would be a hoot, but it was pretty boring to him! There was no thrill to it, so he went back to trolling and longlining on his 50-foot boat the Alitak -which is where you can find him fishing to this day out on the waters of Southeast Alaska catching fish for Yakobi Fisheries!

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