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Seth Stewart was born and raised in Pelican, AK and started fishing with his cousin when he was 11 years old. At that time, Pelican Seafoods was operating at full capacity in Pelican, and Yakobi Fisheries began to set up in the Pelican Seafoods plant, with the goal of providing a top quality product -caught and processed by Seth- starting in 2010. As planning for YFish was nearing completion in 2009, Pelican Seafoods closed its doors.

A few years previously, one of Seth's grade-school-through-high-school teachers (and now a close friend) started a small processing and seafood marketing business with her husband, which included a processing building. Seth contracted them to process his catch, later leasing this facility to process YFish products directly. In 2014, Seth and Anna made the big leap into buying salmon from other local fishermen, no longer fishing themselves. In one year, increased sales forced them to move out of the small facility, and they started leasing a larger space in a section of the old Pelican Seafoods facility, now owned by the City of Pelican.

In the spring of 2015, they renovated, scrubbed and set up processing equipment in the new space, complete with a "sharp freezer," blast freezer, storage freezers, and commercial vacuum packing machines. With this new equipment and increased square footage, Yakobi Fish is capable of meeting customer demand, as well as help other fishermen get their own products processed and to market. The future looks bright.

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