Lee Nash: F/V Eventide

Lee Nash of Haines, Alaska, is the owner and captain of the fishing vessel the Eventide. It is a 43-foot boat crafted out of Douglas Fir built in 1950. Lee has owned the boat for the last 23 years and fished it the past 12. He was born into the fishing industry, raised in Pelican the first 13 years of his life, then returning every summer since to fish. He fished with his dad growing up and has just fished locally around Southeast his entire life. Troll fishing is the way Lee fishes because he prefers the quality over quantity. It's more like a treasure hunt when trolling, rather than other types of fishing that just make it like factory work. The lifestyle fishing provides and being his own boss are some of the reasons Lee has made a career out of fishing, he says the office views don't hurt either! Lee sells to Yakobi Fisheries because he has known Seth (owner) his entire life and he likes selling in Pelican. In the off season Shanah (wife), Ocean (son), and Ezra (daughter) are happy to have Lee back where they live in the upper valley in Haines, Alaska. The fishing keeps Lee pretty busy away from home during the season, so spending quality time with the family is the best part of the off season. Lee's favorite fish to catch is halibut he says, but without a doubt he loves the look of a lingcod! Both halibut and lingcod are available through Yakobi Fisheries for you to try as Lee is busy out catching more salmon!

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