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Process: What makes our fish the best?

We sell salmon in two ways: Fresh Iced (never frozen, expedited to your door,) and Fresh Frozen (frozen within 48 hours of being caught and still freshly delicous). Available as whole fish or individual fillets in varying sizes and quantities.

At sea:

Our salmon are hook-and-line caught, in person, each fish pulled into the boat one at a time. This method of fishing, known as trolling, allows extra time to clean and care for each fish as it comes aboard, and that makes all the difference.

Once the fish is hooked, it is pulled to the back of the boat by hand. A long gaff is used to stun the fish (necessary so the salmon won't thrash around on deck and get bruised). Then the gaff is used as a hook to swing it aboard. The gills are cut out immediately, a small pipette is inserted at the base of the neck into an artery, and a small amount of sea water is injected into the blood system. While the heart reflex pumps the water through the system, the blood is forced out and replaced with clean sea water. This "Pressure bleeding" is critical in ensuring the best product possible. It is very important not to apply too much water pressure or it will bruise the flesh, but too little will not push the blood out of the system, and if it is done too long after being caught, it won't work at all.

When all the blood is removed from the fish, the heart will start to pump out clean water. The fish is then gutted and all the innards are removed. Everything is then rinsed again, and immediately heavily buried in flake ice until it reaches shore.

On shore:

When it reaches shore, we unload the fish from the boats in order to start the processing. If we are shipping it fresh, it is rinsed, checked for perfection, and put into a box with insulated liners and frozen gel packs to be expressed ship straight to you. For the fresh frozen product, we begin hand-filleting and portioning immediately. The portioned fish is vacuum sealed and flash frozen and reaches a core temperature of -40* within hours of being cut. The fish maintains its fresh quality because it is taken care of and frozen so quickly.

In the air:

We FedEx overnight or ship on Alaska Airlines air cargo. For Fresh, it is typically 2-3 days from the time the fish is caught to the time it is delivered to you. These fish are packaged cold so the product temp stays below the critical 42 degrees mark. Our also delicious Fresh Frozen product doesn't need to be quite so expedited, and is packaged so it stays below freezing en route to youand yours.

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